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Introduction: Onion Flower

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Did you know that our food response starts even before the food enters in our mouth? The way food looks is extremely important, this includes the presentation and the color.

In this instructable I am sharing you a recipe that is mainly decorative: a flower made up of onion and peppers.

Making this flower is extremely easy. Take your family dinner / special dinner to the next level by including this flower while serving your meal.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 1 small red onion
  • 1 green bell pepper

  • ½ yellow bell pepper

Step 2: Cut the Onion in Zigzag

Use a knife to cut the onion in a zigzag curved shape. You should cut it up to the center of the onion. Be careful.

Step 3: Separate and Arrange Layers

Once you cut the zigzag shape you will notice that the onion can be separated in two halves. Each half can be used for one flower. Separate the layers of the onion create the flower by starting with the outside layer. Add each small layer inside ensuring that it looks like a flower.

Step 4: Cut the Green Pepper

Clean the green pepper, remove seeds. Cut it with a knife in the shape of a leaf.

Step 5: Cut the Yellow Paper

Clean the yellow paper, remove any seed. Cut a large rectangle. Cut the top of the rectangle in smaller rectangles (only the top to keep one piece)

Step 6: Put Everything Together

Roll over the yellow rectangle in the middle of the onion. Set aside the green pepper leaf.

Step 7: Decorate

This beautiful flower will make your food look amazing! I especially love using these flowers to decorate a buffet table. You can also include this decoration for special occasions such as Mother’s Day dinner.


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