Introduction: Online DC Motor Controller

Today, I want to share my experiment with Atmega328 arduino board controlling DC motor via web browser,
We can control our motor online if we have the IP share to the world....

Let get started..

Step 1: Module Needed

Module needed for this experiment :
1. DC motor
2. Arduino 328 board
3. Ethernet module
4. Relay module
5. RJ45 Lead
6. Some connectors
7. Arduino IDE

Step 2: Develope the Code on Arduino IDE

Develope the code on arduino IDE,
We need ethernet library and window's IP setting, I set on for windows
and the server
It's free to change as you like


      "Relay controller <br/>"
      "<A HREF='?cmd=on'>Turn on</A> <br/>"
      "<A HREF='?cmd=off'>Turn off</A> <br/>"

    "<B>UP TIME :</B>"
    "Temperature : $D C<br>"
    "Humidity    : $D %<br>"),
      h/10, h%10, m/10, m%10, s/10, s%10,temp,humid);

Step 3: Enjoy Yourself an Online Motor Controller!

Enjoy yourself an online motor controller!
I used firefox and chrome to control my motor.

thanks for reading
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