Oodammo K'nex Pistol

Introduction: Oodammo K'nex Pistol

About: I am a kid that loves building things. I also like playing music on the piano.

Hi there! This is my first K'nex gun. It is an oodammo pistol. It shoots about 40 feet with a string of two #64 bands. It is sturdy and reliable and holds seven oodammo bullets. Please comment and rate. I want to know what you think. Enjoy!

Pro's Con's

*Shoots well                                                     *Uses a modded part
*Looks good                                                     *Might not fit some peoples hands
*Comfy (in my opinion)                                    
*Doesn't use too many pieces                         

Step 1: Parts List


Green Bendy-1


Half Moon-11
90 Degree-9
Light Gray-6
Dark Gray-3
Blue 3D-2


Y Clips-14
Blue Clips-2
Gray Spacers-12
Blue Spacers-2
Female Ball Joint-2
Small Wheel-2
Tan Locks-2

Modded pieces

White Rod-1

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

1. What you're making.

2. Make the trigger.

3. Outer layer. Make two.

4. Add white rods and gray connector.

5. Make the middle layer.

6. Add it to the first layer.

7. Add the outer layer.

8. Add the Trigger.

9. Get these.

10. Add them.

11. Add the wheels.


Step 3: Barrel and Trigger Guard

1. What you're making.

2. Outer layer. Make two.

3. Add two white rods.

4. Add these.

5. Add the outer layer.

6. Make this.

7. Make this. This is the front sight.

8. Add them.

9. Make this. This is the rear sight.

10: Add it.

11: Make this. This is the trigger guard.

12. Add it.

13. Ger these.

14. Add them.


Step 4: The Mag

1. What you're making.

2. Make this.

3. Make two of these.

4. Add a white rod.

5. Add this.

6. Add the last layer.

7. Make two of these.

8. Add two white rods.

9. Add this.

10. Add the last layer.

11. Connect them together.


Step 5: Ram Rod

This should be taped, otherwise you will brake your tan clips. I used electrical tape. If you have one, use a black rod.

Step 6: Assembly

1. Gather the pieces.

2-3. Attach the handle and trigger.

4. Get these.

5. Add them.

6. Add the mag. You will have to adjust the spacers on the trigger guard.

7. Add the ram rod.

8. Get two #64 bands.

9: Add them.

10. Get a medium sized band for the trigger.

11. Add it.

12: Get two tiny bands for the mag.

13. Add them.


Step 7: Loading and Fireing

1. Get seven of these.

2. Put them on one at a time.

3. Fully loaded.

4. Cock.

5. Fire!

Remember to rate and comment. Have fun with my pistol!

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    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    11 years ago on Introduction

    1- Use black rods on the firing pin.
    2- That modded bit on the top is unecessary.
    3- the bendy trigger guard is also not needed.
    4- There's a better and easier way to make the handle the way you wanted it to be.
    5- Try a tilt mag, this type of pistol is dated.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the advice! I didn't have a black rod because it was in another gun.