Introduction: Oozing Infected Brain Cake

     My aunt and I made this disgusting but delicious brain cake.... Well at first it was just blood, then my aunt decided to add in green bacteria slim and congealed blood and tissue.... THIS THING LOOKS GROSS!! My aunt seemed to think that it wasn't gross enough with just blood so we added bacteria and congealed blood and tissue... She took part in a brain dissection before...

     The cake is Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix and we split it in 2 9' pans, the homemade fondant is just melted marshmallow with powdered sugar and food coloring. I overheated one icing in the microwave by accident and went using it for the congealed blood and tissue. The Blood is the dark corn syrup and red food dye. The bacteria slim is a secret :-) if you figure it out let me know.

Heres what I used:
Cake mix
mini marshmallows (3 bags of minis was way too much so probably just 1 or 2)
Food Coloring (Red, green, blue)
Dark Corn Syrup
Icing ( I Used 2 cans, 1 for the cake and 1 for the congealed blood and tissue)
Powdered Sugar

                                    ~~Leave it to the aunt who worked around this stuff in the hospital to help make it gross :-) ~~

~~~Please Post Pictures of your finished project in the comments~~~

Step 1: Bake the Cake

Follow the directions on your cake box or use your own recipe. I used Betty Crocker Strawberry Cake mix.

Step 2: Make the Fondant

1) Take your bag of mini marshmallows and put them in a bowl, put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds then take them out and stir them (spray the spoon with some non-stick spray so the marshmallows don't stick the the spoon)

~Let them cool for about 3 - 5 minutes~

2)On a clean counter or board sprinkle some powder sugar 

3) Grease your hands up with some cooking spray or veggie oil

4) Grease the spoon again and scoop out the marshmallows onto the pile of powdered sugar and knead it in, keep adding sugar and add your food color. 
Knead until it stops running

5) Roll several strips, these will be used to cover the cake.

~If your not using the fondant right away then wrap it in some plastic wrap and set aside, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER

Step 3: The Blood

This is not hard nor messy and isn't just used for cakes, it's also used in theater! You just need your dark corn syrup and red food dye.

1) In a small bowl pour some corn syrup, I'd pour quite a bit just because it tends to pool in crevices

2) Add the red dye. The amount depends on how much corn syrup your using and how dark of a blood you want.

3) optional - you can add flavoring to the blood such as mint, especially when using it on stage.. the dye adds a bitter taste sometimes.

Step 4: The Bacteria Slime

Do the same as the blood but instead use green, red, and blue.

Step 5: Congealed Blood and Tissue

For this you need a can of icing and some red food dye.

1) put the icing without the lid on in the microwave until it starts to melt

2) let it sit for a few minutes to cool

3) add red and a bit of green and blue food dye

Step 6: If You Did This Right This Is What You Get

Here's pictures of the finished project!

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