Introduction: Op-Amp Comparator & Voltage Divider Tutorial With Theory & Lab - Featuring the LM324

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Hi all
Thanks for having a gander.  In this video, I'll be talking in depth about voltage dividers, and operational amplifier based comparator circuits.  I give many examples, and at the end of the video, there is an example of one of the circuits on a breadboard.  This circuit is one of many blocks that will be employed in my upcoming electronics learning board.  Each block will have it's own theory and lab video.  When the board is released, the users will have the opportunity to view the theory and lab behind each block, and use that information to complete projects.  The learning board will have 20+ experiments, but I digress.

If you enjoy this video, please feel free to share.  I try to be as practical as possible, and I encourage you to pause the video to make your own calculations, so that you can compare your result with mine!

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Thank you for watching.  I sincerely hope that you find this educational and enjoyable.

Patrick Mitchell
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