Introduction: Open Design Chess Piece

We got the assignment to design a chess piece. Not a normal chess piece, but a chess piece that define our characters.
step by step I will take you through the process.

Step 1: Mind Map

First we made a personal mind map. I used a my characteristics and bundled them in one group: my personality. 
Out of this group I have chosen 5 words that I want to digest in my chess piece.
My 5 words are:
*Good listener

Step 2: Blueprint

The program 'sketchUp' is easy to use for beginners and there are very clear instructions to use it.
With this program I wanted to create a chess piece with the 5 words in it. I used this program for the first and didn't have a lot of time to watch all the instructions so I had to changes my creation. Instead of 5 words I only used one word.

Step 3: 3D-Printer

And then the realisation started. The blueprint was send to the 3D-printer.

Step 4: Final Result

I gave the chess piece a personal touch with the following things:
I have chosen to make a pawn, because I'm little. And I have chosen to give the pawn ears, because I'm a good listener.