Open Loop or Attach New Wire to Project

Introduction: Open Loop or Attach New Wire to Project

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Ever wondered how to attach a basic loop to a project without distorting the original loop?

For this tutorial you need:
1. Already formed basic loop
2. Something to attach loop to.
3. Flat needle nose pliers

Step 1: Opening the Loop

Start with a basic loop at the end of the wire.

Open sideways with flat nose pliers.  This will preserve the perfect circle of the basic loop. 

The gap should be large enough to slip over onto whatever you are adding this link.

The starting place should be hidden or at the back.

For example, in the back side of a pendant.

Step 2: Hook the Loop

Slide the open loop onto whatever it is you are linking to. 

In this case it is the key ring.

The piece could be an existing wire of a pendant, a french hook earring finding, another bead link, etc.

Step 3: Close the Loop

Use the flat needle nose pliers to close the loop.

Please note that on real pieces of jewellery the basic loop should fit snugly onto the existing piece, not as wide of gaps as in the photos.

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