Introduction: Open Loop With Notepad

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A simple how-to on creating open program loops with Notepad

Step 1: Notepad Loop (finite)

Begin with opening note pad and typing in

@echo off start (any program you choose)

I'll be using notepad as an example so finite loop will look like this:

@echo off

start notepad.exe

start notepad.exe Note: This will only open three additional notepad programs.

start notepad.exe

If you want to start this save it as something like Loop.bat if you want to test it, then save then you will see a program named "Loop." Open and use it this one is harmless... if you are opening a harmless file that is.

It HAS to be saved as a .bat file

For infinite looping see next step

Step 2: Notepad Loop (infinite)

Now if this is what you was wanting you should already have notepad open like said in the last step now all you have to do is write it just a little different.

Again I will be using Notepad as my example:

@echo off


start notepad.exe

goto a

As simple as that :D

Remember: Save it as a .bat file

For more details and other random stuff, see next step

Step 3: Additional Info

If you want to know why it is just this simple for such a annoying "troll" or want to know how it works :a works just like :top would it sets the top line white goto a would make the execution repeat what ever comes after :a you could if you wanted make it shutdown by adding

shutdown -a or something, but there's no fun in that is there?

Again to be clear this one will not stop until you end command prompt or simply shut off your PC.

Yes, this will work even if you do not have access to command prompt normally I know this because I used it on a school computer :D

No, it does not work on a Mac.. well normally.

You can use either of these things to mess around with your friends I do it all the time they will NOT destroy any part of your computer if you use something like notepad but if you make it open a corrupted file like a dangerous worm file it will.

And the file you name in the prompt has to be already installed on the computer or else it will not open, obviously.

And I will be remaking tons of these easy notepad "hacks" for the sake that I know how to do them and the other ones are outdated and hard to follow, I hope if this is what you were looking for this gives you a quick and easy explanation