Introduction: Open Your Garage Door From Anywhere Plus Security Cam!

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Hello everybody, here is a simple instructable makes your old phone a security camera you can view anywhere there is internet and also controls your garage door remotely with very few components!

It makes use of a free app called Alfred security IP cam,

By adding few electronic components, this security app can open and close your garage door from anywhere.

In fact, you can use this option to do whatever you want, like, turning lights on and of, watching another device and running it remotely.

Lets go!

Step 1: The Components.

The few components required are:

1- Photocell.

2- 2 resistors.

3- An NPN transistor.

4- A diode.

5- A relay.

Step 2: Diagram and Components.

The picture shows the diagram and the components for this project.

After building the circuit, put the photocell right on the phone's flash, tape it in place and cover very well. The cover will prevent outside light from triggering the device.

Connect your relay's normally open contacts to your garage switch.

Now, on your remote control device, which is normally your personal cellphone, open Alfred app and hit the flash light icon, this will turn the flash light on on your camera, turn it back off, your garage will either open or close.

Step 3: The Garage Through the Monitoring Phone.

As you can see here, on your cellphone, open Alfred security app and connect to the camera in your garage.

Once connected, hit the flash light icon once, wait about a second and turn the flash off. The garage door will move.

Step 4: The YouTube Video

Here is the YouTube video.

As you can see on the video, the process is not difficult.

Just follow the instruction and you will get a great security cam with remote garage door opener.

This project can be modified to receive DTMF commands and this way will do more controls. I am just waiting on my components to arrive!

Please leave your comments/questions on this project and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I am planning on publishing another garage door remote control, but, with Arduino and blue tooth.

Thank you very much!