Introduction: Open a Harddrive, Without Using the Right Tools.

Recently i wanted to open up a few old hardrives i had sitting around so that i could use the platters and magnets for other projects. After seeing that they used 'tamper proof' or torx  i went and got my set of drivers. unfortunately, the smallest size i had was a size 10 and a harddrive has size 9 or 8 screws. Bummer. 

Instead of purchasing a new sert of drivers which included smaller than size 10 bits, i decided to adapt the screws to fit a regular flat head screwdriver.

Using my trusty dremel and a cutoff disk, i cut a slit in each screw... due to their hardness, i ended up going though 2 and a half disks cutting through all the screws on 2 harddrives. 

after than i was just a matter of opening the screws as if the were normal flat head screws. 

Boom. Harddives open. 

Hopefully this helps someone.