Introduction: Open a Stuck Jar With a Knife

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Jars can be troublesome little jerks. They're stuck tight and you're stuck trying to pry them open with your hands.

To make them easier to open all you need is a regular table knife. No fancy tool, no extra junk to fill up your kitchen, just a few hits with a knife.

For those who want TWO ways to open a jar with a knife, here's part 2.

Step 1: A Few Whacks

To loosen the jar is just a matter of three or four hits on the lid with a knife so you get some dents. These dents loosen the seal and make the jar easier to open.

To be more precise, do this:

  1. Hold the back of the knife against the jar at a 45 degree angle
  2. Pull it back a bit
  3. Whack the back of the knife hard against the corner of the lid so it leaves a small dent
  4. Repeat 2-3 times around the lid
  5. Open

Step 2: What Success Looks Like

In case you're wondering just how big of a dent is appropriate, here's a close up shot. You should be able to catch your fingernail in it.

Jars can take a pretty strong hit. I've never had a jar break while doing this and I've done it hundreds of times. Check out the video in the intro to see how much abuse a salsa jar can take.

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