Introduction: Open a Coconut by Hand Without a Machette

Should you ever find yourself with the good fortune to be on the beach and sitting in the shade of a glorious coconut tree you just wonder how you could open one with just your hands. This primal instinct is a very rewarding one to follow. The juice from a fresh coconut is much more tangy than the water you get out of a bottle at the store. In addition there is the satisfaction of knowing the you have proven that you can find fresh water in nature. Not to mention doing so with no tools and just your own bare hands. While eating food designed over millennia of co-evolution to be eaten by us my seam like the kind of thing which would just come natural. there are a few techniques which will shorten your learning curve.

Step 1: Twist a Yellow Coconut Off a Tree.

First, how to recognize a good coconut.

A good coconut is not a green one but leaning slightly towards yellow. The green coconuts do have good juice but less developed meat. It takes a good amount of work to brake one open by hand and if you want the have some coconut shavings after then it is worth picking one a little more yellow. Once you have found a good coconut on a tree you need to get it off of the tree. To do this you will need to grab the coconut and twist it, rotating the stem until it breaks free. When it does you can let it just drop to the ground. Be sure not to drop it on your friends head who is taking photos.

Step 2: Breaking Away the Husk

To get to the coconut water you need to get through the rough protective husk. Coconuts have a thick husk. This step requires the most work in the process. The tough matted fibers run the length of the husk. At the tip of the fruit the fibers converge and are slightly weaker. This is a good place to start working your way in.

It works well to find a stick that comes to a point which you can use as a place to hammer the end of the coconut on. Being careful hold the coconut in such a way that you will not hit your fingers on the stick aggressively hit the husk on the stick over and over. It takes a few hits to get things going.

Once you have broken through a few layers of the husk grab hold of the loose husk and peal it away from the rest of the nut. then go back to hammering.

You will know when to stop when you start to see spurts of water. That means it is time to drink the coconut water.

Step 3: Drink Fresh Coconut Water

Put your lips the opening and enjoy the fresh tangy electrolyte water. Share it with your friends or save some for later by pouring it into a glass or water bottle.

Once you have drained the water continue whacking away until the nut breaks in half and you can carve the meat out with a spoon.

Leave the husks to dry in the sun. They make for great mulch for gardening or excellent fuel for a beach bonfire.