OpenCart Tutorial for Beginners - Version 2.0 - 2.X

Introduction: OpenCart Tutorial for Beginners - Version 2.0 - 2.X

About: Step-by-step video tutorials to help you build your first online store. I use OpenCart, Prestashop, Woocommerce software.

OpenCart Tutorial for Beginners video course is for those who wanted to know how to build on ecommerce with OpenCart without watching endless YouTube videos that are not structured? Why waste your precious time when you can quickly and easily have your shop up and running fast with this course? Videos are kept short and to the point without too much jargon.

This course includes the necessary assets, such as product images and logos to follow along. You won’t feel left alone while watching the videos. This OpenCart 2.0 Video QuickStart tutorial is great introduction for beginners who wants to know how to install OpenCart using the cPanel and build a functional ecommerce shop that is responsive across multiple devices using the default template. What this course does really well is to strip down all the unnecessary information for beginners and get to the features that matter most for newbies. Fantastic starting point to build your knowledge to become an intermediate and advanced user later on.

Step 1: OpenCart Tutorial Step by Step

This video is about an hour long and will walk you through all the steps necessary to achieve the final result.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Introduction

Lecture 1: Tools You Need For This Course

Section 2 – Installation

Lecture 2: Overview Video

Lecture 3: What is cPanel?

Lecture 4: MySQL

Lecture 5: Install OpenCart Version 2

Section 3 – Setting Up Your Shop

Lecture 6: Overview Video

Lecture 7: Remove Sample Data

Lecture 8: Basic System Settings

Lecture 9: How to Change the Store Logo & Favicon

Lecture 10: Creating Categories

Lecture 11: Setup Shipping

Lecture 12: How to Setup Footer Information

Section 4 – Uploading Your First Product

Lecture 13: Overview Video

Lecture 14: Create Product

Lecture 15: Discount vs Special

Lecture 16: Upload Additional Images

Section 5 – SEO Keywords

Lecture 17: Overview Video

Lecture 18: Category SEO

Lecture 19: Product SEO

Lecture 20: Enable SEO

Section 6 – Graphics

Lecture 21: Overview Video

Lecture 22: Resize and Image Optimization

Lecture 23: Favicon

Lecture 24: Slideshow

Lecture 25: Upload

Section 7 – Setup PayPal and SSL Certificate

Lecture 26: Overview Video

Lecture 27: PayPal Lecture 28: SSL

Step 2: Assets You Need to Complete This Project

This ZIP file contains all the necessary files for you to follow this video tutorial.

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