Introduction: OpenRC F1 Car - Mini

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This is a remix of a 3D printed project of a toy car based of store bought parts. It is fully functional and my version runs perfectly. With that said, this 3D Printed toy may or may not work for you, your printer or bought parts may vary. This project was made because it is fun and challenging and I had an extra RC car laying around.


This OpenRC F1 car - Mini version is based off the one and only, Daniel Norée, version of the OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC. Original found here (make one!)

Ment to be a complementary version to the already awesome original.

All this became easy base of two things, Daniel created a open project with an excellent design!

And Fusion 360 made the editing of existing data easy.

The mission was to create a smaller and more portable version to race at the office. The scale is 0.55 of the original one if 1:10. (The 0.55 is because it was the only way to fit the steering servo)

Unfortunately, I could not scale down all parts such as gears, the original steering and some other due to it became to brittle.
So I used this store bought car and butchered it for parts. The blue dirt truck is the one I bought but what my research indicates, this one is built with all the same parts but with different tiers and body. (the tiers of the drift car would fit the OpenRC F1 much better)

The idea was to have a base/car that anyone could buy anywhere.
You could search for, RC Car Drift Car 1/28 on eBay to find it.

Step 1: Print Parts

To make it easy, all latest parts and print settings will be found here, on Thingiverse.
Right tool for the right task.

Step 2: Tools Required

Small phillips screwdriver


Exacto knife


Nimble fingers

Step 3: Butchering the Original Car

So, I wished that I did a better job documenting the salvaging of parts but at that time i did not know if this would work. It was early in the R&D process.
On the other hand it will be clear during the steps what components you need and I only used parts from that car and nothing else.

Step 4: Assembly Overview

Exploded view of all parts

Step 5: Chassi Plate and Engine



2 screws (ones mounting the engine on the original car)

Small gear

  1. Place engine
  2. 2 screws
  3. Lastly, add gear

Step 6: Rear Drive

Rear drive

4 screws

Big gear

  1. Add gear to drive
  2. Click it on to the chassi holes
  3. Tighten the 4 screws


First couple of times the gear stayed in place with just a push. But I have assembled/disassembled to many times so I needed to add some glue to keep the gear in place.

Step 7: Steering

2 rims

2 rim nuts

2 steering hubs (ones with bearings)

2 steering axel (metal axel with o-ring on. Remove o-ring to be able to remove unnecessary link)

6 screws

Long steering link

Short steering link

Steering block



  1. Assemble rims, axel, steering hubs with rim nuts.
    1. Not to tight, they need to spin freely
  2. Servo with Short Steering Link
  3. Add Steering Block
  4. Long Steering Link
  5. Attach to Chassi with 4 screws
  6. Add servo with link (make sure it now can move freely
  7. Add Front with 2 screws to the chassi

Step 8: Rims and Controller Card

2 rim

2 rim nuts

controller card

To be able to fit all components, the card needs to be removed from it's plastic case.

  1. Assemble rims
  2. Connect the cable as the image shows
  3. Optional,
    1. bend the cable pins as the image. This is to avoid the gears to tear the cable.
  4. Connect the motor cable

Step 9: Middle and Rear



1 screw with bigger head (lower right corner of the first image)

5 screws

  1. Pre-screw 2 screws in the middle part as shown
  2. Add Rear part to the chassi with 3 screws (the screw with biggest head at the back)
  3. Attach Middle part to Front part with the 2 pre-loaded screws
  4. Add last screw between Rear and Middle parts

Step 10: Rear Wing and Light



2 screws with bigger head


  1. Attach Wing to chassi
  2. Optional, glue the light where the image shows
  3. Attach to Wing


The reason for the glue is because I forgot the light until the end and didn't have a great way to solve it

Step 11: Top and Camera




Exacto knife

Glue them together. May need some convincing with the Exacto knife

Step 12: Rear View Mirrors


Rear View Mirror Right

Rear View Mirror Left


Exacto knife

Glue them together. May need some convincing with the Exacto knife

Step 13: Front Wing

Front Wing

1 screw with bigger head

Step 14: Final Step - Tires, Shark Fin, Clamps


Shark Fin

Clamp Left

Clamp Right

Attach all + battery and Go!