Introduction: Opening Command Prompt on a Restricted User Account

Restricted accounts holding back your programming abilities?
School, College or Work got hold of you and you want to fight back?
Is your IT technician laughing over caviar at your restricted expense?
Then look no further, TheKnight is here.

This Instructable is for research and information purposes only. I therefore hold NO responsibility for the misuse or mistreatment or the information detailed here. Different establishments have rules and restrictions in place for a reason. They also have different ways of dealing with rule breakers, not to mention how magistrates deal with LAW BREAKERS!

Step 1: Hmmm, I'm Intruiged...

Firstly, this can be done on any Microsoft Office tool, however I will be using Microsoft Word 2007, as it is the most common.

Also, to my knowledge it works on Windows 95 upwards.

OK, start up Microsoft Word.

Next select 'Insert' and then 'Objects'.

Step 2: Objects? WHAAAAA!?!?

Ok so now you should have a screen that looks slightly like the one in the picture. Click on the 'Create from File' tab.

Next type the file name as 'cmd.exe' and make sure you check the boxes 'link to file' and 'display as icon'.

This should form a small icon on the word document named cmd.exe.

Click the icon and Command Prompt should open.

Step 3: And That's It!

The reason this works is that the 'run' box will be restricted, but command prompt can't be, seeing as that so many programs use command line to work.

To my knowledge (though i'm not sure), this method is called 'Object Bending' and was used on older computers to link Powerpoint, Excel and other Microsoft Office documents together.

This method can also be used to run other programs in system32, for example: notepad, sound recorder etc. or from any other folder.

Hope this widened your knowledge about programming.