Introduction: Opening PS2 Slim

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This will show you how to open ps2 slim. This is mostly if you wanna do custom paint on the case or replace a part. 

Step 1: Remove the Cast Bottom

* There are about six screws needed to be remove. 

1. Remove those small square cover that you can access each screws. 

2. Remove the six screws.

3. Flip the ps2 on top where the tray is. On the sides on the ps2 remove it slowly and you should be able to access the board inside.

Step 2: Remove the Lens

Now you have it open. You can see the lens and the board. Now you will need to disconnect the three cable that are going to the board. Look at the picture for detail.  

Step 3: Remove the Fan

To remove the fan. You will need to disconnect the cable and remove three screws. Look at the picture for more details. 

Step 4: Remove the Board

Now ready to remove the board. Once you remove the fan you should now see a screw opening. There are three screws need to be remove look at the picture for details. Once remove now you can remove the board.

Step 5: Board

Now you have access the board. you can remove the metal that protecting the board.