Introduction: Opening System of a Showcase With Arduino

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The purpose of the project is to create a system of selective opening of shop windows.

The requirements are:

  • There are a total of 8 windows.
  • They must be able to open each of the 8 windows independently.
  • They must be able to open all the windows at once.
  • The time during which the locks must be opened is 1 minute.
  • There are 3 bolts for window.

Step 1: Components Used

Step 2: Assembly of the Circuit

As can be seen in the following images, the system has been mounted on a pcb board 9x15.

The power supply has been chosen of 30A because each of the bolts uses 900 mA and there are 24 of these.

The LM2596S module has been used to reduce the input voltage to the Arduino from 12V to 6V.

Step 3: Software

To verify the address I2C of the relay block has been used the program called Arduino I2c Scanner.

The libraries used have been:

  • I2C_RL8xxM: library used to access the relay block.
  • Wire: library used to I2C connections and is a dependenciy of the I2C_RL8xxM library.
  • keypad: library used to manage the membrane keypad 4x3.