Introduction: Operating Sensors for Individual Sampling Pumps

i made a system to control the good operation for individuals sampling pumps.

Step 1: The Problem of Individual Pump Sampling for Health and Safety of Workers in Companies

  1. The control of exposure to pollutants of workers is often carried out by sampling on absorbent support with the help of individual pumps. At present only one pump brand offers remote control of their good functionally and this is done by bluetooth, so with very little reach (about 15 meters). At present, it is not satisfactory because the workers equipped with these individual pumps are often far away at distances of more than 200 meters of the control phone and the bluetooth connection is lost.

  2. How to made control of sampling pumps :all companies do not have a Wi-Fi network and it is therefore not possible to propose a control solution based only on the Internet of Things and to call the sampler in the event of a failure. with the LORA it is possible to made a communication module for the measuring of the pump pressure or the flow rate and a module receiver for failure .

Step 2: ​Assembly and System Design:

The receiver module is able to communicate with bluetooth on a phone application who send SMS to the sampler if the pumps failed.

The long range of this modules permit a good communication, also in bad conditions of transmission example in workshop with many machines and operators dispersed in the workshop.

Materials and Components:

_ two liligo ttgo LORA ESP32 with oled 0.96 inch with Antenna with frequency in accordance with your country (in Europe 868 Mhz )

_ one MPXV7002DP

_ your androïd phone

_ tools for welding components and jumpers

_ usb cable

_ 1700 mAh 1S battery

the androïd application was devellopped with mit app inventor


you can see in the video the system working good for all pumps?

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