Introduction: Operating an ATV

An ATV (All- Terrain Vehicle), better known as a Quad or a four wheeler is a great way to have a blast and make long lasting memories as I have done over the years. I have been riding quads for over four years and I can say confidently that it is definitely worth the money if you are willing to give it a chance.

Side Note: There are many different makes and models of ATV, as well as automatic vs manual, I will be demonstrating this process on an Automatic Honda 250ex


-A working ATV


-A helmet


Step 1: Taking Percautions

-There are many rules and laws to follow when it comes to operating your own ATV, if you wish to see laws required of ATV owning person you can click the link here.

The main Precautions I would follow when physically operating a ATV are to

-Wear a Helmet

-Do not operate with a passenger (unless the vehicle supports it)

-Do not operate Under the Influence of any Substance (Drugs, Alcohol)

-Do not operate on a main road

Step 2: Preparing for Operation

Before you can drive that beautiful Quad into the Sunset you have to make sure it is in tip top condition so that you dont run into any problems while you are out and about.

First thing to do is to check the oil in your machine and make sure it isnt low

Second you need to check the fuel level on your vehicle to make sure you have enough for your trip, you will find the "gas cap" between the seat and the handle bars on top of the ATV

Step 3: Turning Your Gas On

First you will need to crouch down on the left hand side of your ATV and you will find a small black circular knob, this is for your fuel, on the knob it reads the words off, on, and res. (Res is short for Reserve which is your Reserved fuel in case you run out while out riding)

Next to the knob it should say fuel, you want to line up the word fuel with the ON

Step 4: Turning Your Battery On

Next you put your key in the ignition and turn it, you should see a green light with an (N) by it for neutral to let you know that your ATV is in the neutral setting.

Step 5: Preparing to Turn Your Engine On

After that on the left hand side of your handle bars you should find a red switch, that is your "kill switch", which is for emergencies in case you need to suddenly cut the engine on the ATV to come to a halt. You should make sure that it is lined up in the middle to form the unbroken white line.

Step 6: Turning Your Engine On

Below the kill switch should be a small button with a little lightning bolt through it, that is your Power button, once your feel ready to begin you can press the power button to Start up the engine.

Step 7: Learning the Basics

Now that the engine is On it is time to learn how to correctly Operate it while moving.

First thing you should learn about Operating a live ATV is the gas pedal and the brake pedal.

The gas pedal is located on the right handlebar.(Left Picture)

The brakes are located on the back of the left handlebar.(Right Picture)

Step 8: Gear Shifting

The next thing to learn is the Gear shift pedal, which is a pedal obviously for changing gears while riding

What gear shifting does simplified is basically allowing the rider of the ATV to go at faster speeds.

The physical gear shift is located in front of the left hand side foot rest of the vehicle

While riding if you wish to switch gears you must take your finger off of the gas pedal, click up on the gear-shift with your foot and then put your finger back on the gas, you should feel the quad kick up in speed instantly

Step 9: ENJOY