Operating the Drill Press

Introduction: Operating the Drill Press

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The following outlines basic operation and etiquette for using the drill press.

Step 1: Area and Machine Preparation

  1. Clean and clear the table.
  2. Clamp your material to the table.
    • Always put a piece of sacrificial wood under your workpiece to avoid drilling into the table.
  3. Insert the drill bit.
    • Remove the chuck key immediately.
  4. Adjust the table height.
  5. Adjust the RPM.

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

  1. Start the drill.
  2. Slowly pull the quill handle until the bit contacts the material.
  3. Apply more pressure as needed.
  4. Holes in deep material may become clogged with sawdust.
    • Pull the bit out of hole periodically to help clear out chips.
  5. Turn off the drill press.

Step 3: Cleanup

  1. Remove and return the bit.
  2. Remove and return the clamps.
  3. Brush off the table and clean up the area.
  4. Put scraps in the trash and reusable pieces in the storage bin in the woodshop.

Step 4: Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Happy Drilling!

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