Operating the TIG Welder

Introduction: Operating the TIG Welder

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The following outlines basic operation and etiquette when using the TIG welder.

Step 1: Area and Machine Preparation

  1. Clean and clear the table.
  2. Prepare your workpiece.
    • Completely grind all coatings from the metal; use the fume extractor.
    • Clean and degrease the metal.
  3. Adjust the welding screens to protect people in the shop from flash.

  4. Remove flammable materials from the area.

  5. If working from Pier 9, cover the exposed parts of the table with the aluminum covers to prevent slag from damaging the table.
  6. Slowly open the gas bottle fully.
  7. Turn the machine on.
  8. Adjust the settings for your material.

Step 2: Operating the Machine

  1. Bring the torch to approximately a 1/4" - 1/2" from the surface to be welded.
  2. Hold the torch at the correct angle.
  3. Press the foot pedal to start the arc.
    • Gas will come out of the tip of the torch.
  4. Push the torch along the seam where the two pieces will be welded.
  5. When the puddle forms, dip the filler rod.
  6. Move forward and make a new puddle.
  7. At the end of the weld, release the foot pedal and keep the torch in place for a few seconds before lifting it.

Step 3: Cleanup

  1. Turn the voltage to the minimum setting.
  2. Close the tank valve completely.
  3. Press the foot pedal to release any gas.
    • Point the torch away from anything grounded.
  4. Turn off the welder.
  5. Loosely coil the cables and hang them from the welder.
  6. Put the foot pedal away.
  7. Put your materials away and put the machine back in its storage location

Step 4: Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Enjoy the TIG welder safely!

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