OptiAir: an Automatic Humidifier

Introduction: OptiAir: an Automatic Humidifier

About: I'm a Student at Howest Kortrijk and I studied MCT!

I'm Thyssa De Keyser and I study MCT (Multimedia and Communication Technology) at Howest Kortrijk. For my first project I make an intelligent humidifier for in every place.

Step 1: Components

  • Proline HUM09 (humidifier)
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • T-cobbler
  • PIR-sensor
  • DHT22
  • Water level sensor
  • Breadboard Power Supply
  • 16x2 LCD-display
  • 830 pins breadboard
  • Jumper wires (male-male and male-female)
  • Resistors
  • Wood and carton

Step 2: Circuit

In the first picture you see the breadboard scheme.

In the second you see the electronic scheme.

In the schemes you see that you also can use a DS18B20, but I chose to use the DHT22 to measure the temperature.

Step 3: Database

Here you can see the EER-diagram of the database.

Step 4: Code

Every code can you find in my Github: https://github.com/howest-mct/1920-1mct-project1-DeKeyserThyssa

Step 5: Website

The website is made with HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Step 6: LCD-display

I displayed the name of the project and my IP-adress on the LCD-display. You can find this code in step 4: code.

Step 7: Case

The case is made of wood, plexi and carton. You can choose the layout of the box yourself.

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