Optical Mouse Cursor Movement Problem

Introduction: Optical Mouse Cursor Movement Problem

An optical mouse's "optical surface sensor" must be kept a certain distance from the table for it to function properly.

A new optical mouse's plastic base is designed to keep the "optical sensor" an optimum distance from the table.

After many hours of moving the mouse about on a table, the mouse's plastic base slowly wears away causing the optical sensor to become to close to the table's surface which then causes the sensor to malfunction (jittery, slow unresponsiveness).

The simplest way to correct this problem is to is to rebuild the base's surface. This is done by sticking on a few layers of sticky labels onto the bottom of the mouse so as to raise the optical sensor up from the table to the distance it was when the mouse was new.
As time goes by and when the labels eventually wear out from use you can just replace them.

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    I tried this and so far it has worked just fine. Thanks.


    3 years ago

    Did NOT Work


    good tip....btw if anyone see s an old rolling ball mouse sold for 1$, buy it bcoz inside there are at least 2 optical position sensors, few switches which is cheaperthan to buy these parts frm ebay...