Introduction: Origami Monkey Climbing Mountain

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Ok this is my first insructable so this is a origami monkey mountain thing this is really easy to make my first time it took me about two minutes. This is really cool and it is really easy to get cunfused so I will make it basic. In this one I did it on oragami paper but this one I will make it on lined paper.

Materials: paper and scissors

Step 1: The Paper.

The first yhing you need is paper any kind of paper will do if you are asking if your paper has holes on it then just cut them off then get the top left corner of the paper and bring it down to the bottem right corner. Origami paper works perfectly at the end you will have a sqare. make sure you have a point or it won't work. 

Step 2: It's Folding Time

now that you have a square you get the bottom left corner and fold it to the top right corner. Now you got that now you need to fold the bottem right corner to the top left corner. Then you get the two bottem corners to the top two corners. Then fold it from the top right and bottem right to the left top and bottem. Now unfold the folds then grab the top right and bottem left corners bring them together and fold them into the bottem right sqare then fold the top down. 

Step 3: Time to Cut

Now you have to find the corner with the fold and then cut about 2.5 centermiters off the top. But DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!. 

Step 4: More Folding

Now you need to make your square look like a diamond like this. Now turn it around and do the same thing. 

Step 5: Almost Done.

Now it should look like this

Step 6: Now for the Cool Part

Well it's the end now all you have is get the mountain and your monkey then put the monkey inside of the slit then hold the two bottem points and move on up and down slowly.