Introduction: Oragnize Desk Drawer With Office Supplies

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Hello Again... no doubt your saw my master skillmanship tutorial on how to "Fix Broken Keyboard Leg With Office Supplies"

Even though that's not a real word according to spellcheck, I'm using it anyway. Even spellcheck is not a word! Oh well...

So Lets Get To It!

Step 1: Parts List

Lets say you have a desk drawer with all types of candy scattered all in your drawer.
People come around and dig and dig - and for crying out loud can't make a choice because you're just not organizing your Nerds, Reese's and Lolly Pops!

Here's your Office grocery list!
Two File Hangers - You know the ones you don't ever use because who wants to save old work?
"Tape" - Pretty much this is for us to play with anyway. Who uses tape in an office?
"Glue" - Same one they give you for who knows what! Of course we have some glue left from fixing our Keyboard!
"Stapler & Staples" - The one In case you need to shoot a postal worker heading for you. If that doesn't work use the scissors!
Ruler - To slap the hand of those not allowed to have candy!

Step 2: Measuring

There's always that ruler someone has for ... forrrrr.... Well for moments like this!

1. Get the depth of the drawer
2. Measure the width also.
3. Measure from the side of the hanger to where you'll bend it for the width.
NOTE: Don't forget to take in account the metal hanger! I screwed up the first one.

Step 3: Cutting, Croping or Something Like That

Once you find your place to bend the hanger: Bend back and forth, also crease down the whole hanger.
The metal will break and use the scissors to cut it up!

Would be nice to smooth the sides up...

Step 4: Binding

Now you're thinking! But what about the other side of the hanger?
I'm glad that you asked!


Step 5: Reinforcement

Can't rely on the glue only! Plus with everyone's sweaty hands will destroy this type of glue! If not - while they drool for candy, it could cause some moisture damage.

So lets tape the top layer.

Step 6: Support

Now we don't want any of the hanger pages flapping! So we want to staple those down.

However! There is a legal notice here that we need to address!

Step 7: SAFETY!

Staples are great but too many of them becomes a liability! Especially if you're sharing your drawer.

As I say - "Safety Last - If you can get a settlement!"
> BUT - "Safety First - If there are morons around you!"

So we need to prevent scratches from the staples by taping up over the sharp side.
  • I like to do two layers of tape to be safe!

Step 8: Finale!!!

There you have it! A well organized candy drawer!

Now your lolly pops won't take like peanut butter or chocolate!

Again - To quote the master of fixing things:

"If Women Don't Find you Handsome&
They Should At Least Find You Handy! " ~ Red Green

Your's Truly - Jasper175