Introduction: Orange Cupcake Mural

Orange Flavored Cupcakes with butter cream Decoration.  Mural of an orange from the orange groves. This was a order I did for a school union for their picnic.  

What you need:

Cake Mix About 4 Boxes or what ever is going to fit on your board.

Sturdy Board to hold and support the cupcakes. ( I used foam board from the dollar tree)

Mini Cupcake Liners (Walmart usually has them)

Mini Cupcake Pan

Butter cream ( I bought mine in bulk from Brill I make alot of cakes) or just make your own.

4 Black Wilton Writing Icing in a tube . (also can be found at Walmart)

Gel Paste To Tint Your Frosting ( I used Americolor colors : Electric Orange and Mint Green)

Piping Bags

Tips # 2D,  #7 Wilton Tips

Decorating Tip Holder  


1. The first thing you want to do is back of all your cupcakes and set them aside to cool.

2.  Next Lay out your board .

3.  Make and/or prepare your buttercream.  The reason I use buttercream is because it is really hot over here and this mural was going to be presented outside and didn't want the decoration to melt.

4.  Place Each cupcake on the board with a bit of buttercream of the bottom of the cupcake so it can stay in place. Place each cupcake as close as possible to avoid gaps.

5.  Tint Some Buttercream Orange and Some Green. Make sure you have just plain white buttercream left over for the finishing touches.

6.  Use Your Black Frosting from the Tube  and attach to the coupler and Tip # 7 Draw out the outline of the orange with the leaves.   I used a picture as reference and free hand drew it  with the black tube frosting. This can be the tricky part because the outline is the base of your mural and its what is going to form your picture.  But remember mistakes can always be covered up with the colored frosting.

7.  Make sure your have your piping bags ready with tip #2D and one bag has orange buttercream, green buttercream, and white.

8. I started with the orange. then the letters with the black frosting from the tube ( you are always welcome to change your tip if you have a better tip to use for the black letters when filling them in) , then I moved on to the green frosting , and finally to the white.
As far a pipping the decoration.  I did a simple squeezing out of the frosting from the pipping bag to for a star and pull away.  Same  spot you start when you start the start same spot you finish.  I does not have to be perfect.  Imperfection wont show in the big picture of the mural.  We are just looking for texture and just looking to fill in the outline with color.  

Note: Don't worry if you have some small gaps in between cupcakes. It happens.

9. Look back and take a look at your art work.  You may not be able to fully see what you have created until you take a snap shot of your work.  

10. You did it! have plenty of napkins around for the party and enjoy!

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