Introduction: Orange Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

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Hi Guys

Here is how to get the easiest cut crease. Great colours for coming up to summer keeping the eyes nice and bright.

Step 1:

First with a burnt orange shade and a large fluffy brush blend this into the crease making sure it is soft and blended.

Then with a burnt orange brown shade and with a smaller fluffy brush and also apply this to the crease keeping it a little lower than the last shade.

With a pencil brush and a brown shade create the crease line that you want by keeping your eyes open especially if you have hooded eyes.

Step 2:

With some concealer or eye primer you want to clean up the lid by taking this up to the line you have just created. You then want to set this with a powder.

With a bright orange shade apply this on the outer part of the lid and blend into the centre of the lid.

Going back in with the dark brown you want to blend this on the outer corner of the eye.

Step 3:

With your eyeliner apply a wing to your eye.

Step 4:

To bring the full look together you want to apply the brunt orange to the lower lash line and then also with the brown shade and a pencil brush.

Step 5:

With a highlighter apply this to the inner corner.

Step 6:

With mascara apply this to the top and bottom lashes and then apply your false lashes.

To brighten up your eyes you want to apply a white pencil to the waterline.