Introduction: Orange Pi PC:Armbian_Ubuntu_xenial 16.04_2017 Latest Image Download With PreInstalled Wifi Driver(RTL8192)

Hello, Guys!

Today I am back with another instructable, few months back i ordered orange pi Pc along with wifi adapter (802.11 bn) from Aliexpress, luckily both the things were working completely fine. I followed orangepi official page for OS installation to sd card at first i downloaded and installed "lubuntu" image by writing it onto sdcard according to their official page everything seemed great, next i inserted sdcard into orangepi pc and it booted into lxde desktop but there was an ISSUE:

(1) NO LAN connectivity(LAN drivers corrupted)

(2) NOT DETECTING my wireless adapter(wireless driver corrupted)

whoosh! without internet connectivity orange pi pc was useless.

and unfortunately all the linux operating system given on their official website was having same issue.

EXCEPT ONE and that is "kali linux.img'

at last I FOUND another operating system best suited for orange Pi and that was ARMBIAN

i immediately downloaded armbian and booted armbian installed sdcard on my orange pi pc

BINGO! LAN connection was working

and my orange pi pc was detecting my wireless adapter next i decided to connect to my wireless network using wireless adapter of my orange pi pc on filling in the credentials and clicking onto connect button i found bug in it.

my orange pi pc rebooted itself instead of establishing connection to my home wifi network.

but thanks to armbian forums i fixed the wireless bug using lan connection

and everything worked great.

so without taking much time!

I would like to inform you all that i prepared backup image of my armbian OS that you can use directly by writing it onto sdcard.

*features*of*Ubuntu_Xenial (16.04) * Armbian image*

(1)latest kernel(Ubuntu Xenial 16.04)*Updated*

(2)Gedit installed

(3)Linux Games preinstalled

(4)Gpio library installed

(5)IDLE3 installed

(6)wifi driver updated*RTL8192 Bug Fixed*

(7)chromium(web Browser)*Updated*

(8)VLC Media Player

(9)Ubuntu Software Centre

(10)Sound Switcher and Indicator

(11)Htop (processor usage indicator)

(12) HD Graphics support

(13) NTPDATE (preinstalled)

and many more latest features.

for download link of armbian_Ubuntu_Xenial(16.04).img go to step 1 of this instructable

Step 1: Download Armbian Updated Image File


IN orange pi pc gpio library is named as pyA20

in order to test it just make a file named and add the following python code in it. #import the library from pyA20.gpio import gpio

from pyA20.gpio import port

from time import sleep orange pi pc ports #initialize the gpio module


#setup the port (same as raspberry pi's gpio.setup() function)

gpio.setcfg(port.PA7, gpio.OUTPUT)

#now we do something (light up the LED)

gpio.output(port.PA7, gpio.HIGH)

#turn off the LED after 2 seconds


gpio.output(port.PA7, gpio.LOW)

next save the file now open terminal and type: gpio readall

this will give all information about the state of gpio pins of orange pi pc now execute the following command: sudo python

now connect a led on port 27 ie. PA27 of orange pi pc and led will blink at the interval of 2 second .

download image