Orange Pi Zero Connect TFT SPI (ST7735)

Introduction: Orange Pi Zero Connect TFT SPI (ST7735)

The pins of this display are different from the others.

Step 1: ST7735 and Board Connection.

Connect your display and board as shown in the picture

Step 2: Initialization

To use, enter the following line in the console:

sudo modprobe fbtft_device name=adafruit18 gpios=reset:1,dc:0,led:3 speed=16000000 fps=25 rotate=90 busnum=1

Maybe you have to change busnum to zero

Step 3: Using

Enter the command:


The last line will be the number of the framebuffer created. Now you can use it.

For example, if the framebuffer number is eight, then this command will display the console on it:

con2fbmap 1 8

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1 year ago

In a new Linux kernels there is no fbtft_device module and this will not work


4 years ago

Just a small note, I have bought a chinese TFT display with 320x240 resolution containing ili9341 and my modprobe command had to be changed to:

/sbin/modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9340 gpios=reset:1,dc:0,led:3 speed=16000000 rotate=90 busnum=1 bgr=1

The custom was necessary and bgr=1 is there because I had wrong colors on my display (red was blue, blue was orange, etc.)