Introduction: Orange Pi Zero Setup | Getting Started With Orange Pi | Raspberry Pi Vs Orange Pi

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It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian. It uses the AllWinner H2 SoC, and has 256MB/512MB DDR3 SDRAM(256MB version is Standard version

Orange Pi Zero is for anyone who wants to start creating with technology – not just consuming it. It's a simple, fun, useful tool that you can use to start taking control of the world around you.

Step 1: Download All Required Softwares

Download all required softwares from the links given below:-
Download Armbian os for orange pi : -

Download SD CARD formatter :-

Download Win 32 disk Imager :-

Step 2: Gather Your Stuff

orange pi accesories :

Buy USB to TTL Converter :-


Buy orange pi zero + extension Board + Box
casing :-

Buy orange pi zero only :-

Buy orange pi zero Expansion Board :-

Buy orange pi zero Casing only:-

orange pi zero + Expansion Board :-

Buy USB to TTL Converter :-

Step 3: Extract Armbian OS and Burn It

After downloading th armbian OS extract it on your pc , then take your sd card and format it using windows sd card formatter and then use win 32 disk imager to burn the img file of amrbian os onto the sd card and put sd card into pi.

Step 4: Connect Power and Connect a Usb to Ttl With It.

Connect a usb power supply to orange pi then connect the usb to ttl to orange pi to talk to pc , so we need to connect rx of usb to ttl to orange pi's tx and tx of usb to ttl to orange pi's rx and gnd of orange pi's to gnd of usb to ttl and connect usb to ttl to pc.

Step 5: Final Step: Login Into Pi

Now download putty and open it then click on serial communication in putty then type the com port of usb to ttl converter shown in device manager of windows pc then put speed as 115200 then click open and it will start booting then put login: root and pass:1234 and then change the pass and enter your information and your are into your orange pi zero.for more information please refer video.