Introduction: Orange Tiger Cat Sculpey Pendant

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Hello there boys and girls!  Today's instructable will teach you how to create your own orange tiger cat sculpey pendant and hopefully inspire you to create more things using the techniques shown.  Let's get started!

  • Orange, White, and Black Sculpey (or your favorite oven bake clay)
  • Sculpey Knife (a butter knife, x-acto knife, or clay knife would also work)
  • Tooth Picks (a sewing needle would also work)
  • Pan or cookie sheet
  • Wax paper and Tin foil (optional)
  • Fishing line (optional)
  • Free life also does the trick ;)

Step 1: Work It!

First, you need to get your clay more pliable.  I roll mine around in my hands until it's nice and soft.  I then formed a ball and rolled it out flat to start the project. 


I'm working on a tinfoil surface.  I covered a book so I could work and watch a little T.V. at the same times.  Any nonstick surface will work for you to create your little gem. 

I also used orange Sculpey , however if you do not have any you can mix up orange using red and yellow.

Step 2: Draw It!

Next you need to draw your tiger cat onto the clay. I used an orange tooth pick.  This could also be done with a needle, pin, or a pencil.  This is just sort of a ruff idea so you know where to start laying other clay.

Step 3: Cut It!

Once you are done drawing, cut off the excess clay away from your tiger cat. 


I'm using a Sculpey knife that came with my set, you can use anything that will let you remove the clay.  Examples: butter knife, x-acto knife, razor blade, credit card,  long fingernail.....and the list could go on

Step 4: Highlights!

It is now time to give your tiger cat some color.  I started with light colors then moved darker.  Roll out a small amount of white into the smallest coil you can.  Then use your toothpick (or needle) to place your color on the tiger cat.  You can then press down to get the clay to stick.  I also used the side of my tooth pick to roll over the top of the clay in order to ensure it was down and to help it mesh with the base clay.

Step 5: Mix It Up!

Once I laid out where I wanted true white, I then took my orange and mixed it with some white for a lighter pastel type orange to give darker highlights. 


If you add to much white, simply add in more orange.  If it's still to orange add more white.  :)

Step 6: Prepare to Get Funky!

I made a good chunk of light orange, so I broke it up into smaller balls of clay.  I then rolled it out into small coils just as I did the white.  I applied the light orange with a tooth pick and gently pressed.  (Same technique as the white)

Step 7: Mush It!

Once I had all my light orange and white highlights done I used my handy dandy tooth pick and rolled over the top of the tiger cat so the colors were all flesh with each other.

Step 8: "Black" in Action!

It is now time to start adding your black to your tiger cat.  Now, a word of  caution.  A little black clay goes a long way.  It is very easy to smear the black into the other colors and it will do it's best to over take your tiger cat.  So, take my advise, use as little as possible, you can always use more, but it's harder to take away.


You will notice I ripped my poor tinfoil.  The bright yellow Dr. Suess book is shinning through.

Step 9: The Last Mash Up!

Once all your black in on, use a new tooth pick (or needle) to roll over the top of your tiger cat.  This, as before, is to ensure that the colors are all flush with each other and sticking well.  You want to use a new tooth pick so you do not accidentally blend extra colors onto your tiger cat.

Step 10: REMOVE IT!

Now that you are almost ready to bake, carefully lift up your tiger cat.  I ran my clay knife under him and gently lifted up.

Step 11: Hole Time!

Using a toothpick (or needle) put a hole where you would like your tiger cat pendent to hang.  Carefully insert the toothpick and twist.  Smooth any access on the back.

Step 12: BAKE IT!!

Now you need to bake your tiger cat.  Follow your clays instructions.  For Sculpey you need your oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit and you bake your clay 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch of clay you have.  You can use a cookie sheet, pan, or a tin foil pocket.


I put wax paper in my pan.  You don't have too, it just seemed like the thing to do.  You will notice my pig marionette (instructable to come).  Yes those are nails, I use them to hold open holes and help the baking process.

Step 13: YOUR DONE!

Well done!  You have now finished your tiger cat.  You can add beads and other bling to make him purrrrrfect. 


I have not finished his other accessories for a tiger necklace.  When I do I'll be sure to share!

You might want to use a jump ring so your tiger lays flat.  Otherwise you need to loop through the hole as I did.

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