Introduction: OrangePi PC+ NAS

If you want cheap NAS use that

Step 1: Step 1: Install Armbian : link for download

You have two methods to download - directly and by torrent : link for card writer

I'm using 16gb card : link for tool which help you to find the IP address

Step 2: Step 2: Power and Connect

It's powered by 5V up to 2A

In OrangePi PC+ you have by WiFi and by Ethernet

Step 3: Step 3: Server

In almost every mini pc like OrangePi and RaspberryPi we use "Samba"

Step 1: Install samba

# sudo apt-get install libcups2 samba samba-common cups

# sudo apt-get install samba

Step 2: Backup the .conf file:

sudo mv /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.bak

Step 3: Make a new .conf file

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Step 4: Fill this file

""" [global]
workgroup = WORKGROUP

server string = Samba Server %v

netbios name = "The name"

security = user

map to guest = bad user

dns proxy = no """

If you don't know your workgroup name use this command :

"net config workstation"

ctrl + X and Y to close the file

Step 5: Make a directory

mkdir -p /home/"your username"/"the name of the folder"

Step 6: Fill more things in the .conf file

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

""" ["the name of the folder"]
comment = "Your comment"

path = /home/"your username"/"the name of the folder"



create mask=0777

directory mask=0777 """

Step 7: Make a user

pi@orangepiplus2e:~$ sudo smbpasswd -a "user"
New SMB password:

Retype new SMB password:

Step 8: Start, stop, restart, status

sudo systemctl start smbd.service

sudo systemctl stop smbd.service

sudo systemctl restart smbd.service

sudo systemctl status smbd.service

(I'm using these two)

Step 4: Step 4: Mount Hdd/flash to the Server

sudo fdisk -l

mount /dev/"it's something like sda, sdb, sdc, you can read the description in after fdisk" /home/"your username"/"the name of the folder"

mount | grepsda/sdb/sdc(or something)

Step 5: Step 5: Restart

You have to restart after every drive change!

Step 6: Step 6: Open in Windows

And last one enter your password