Oreo Purse With Duct Tape (Upcycle)

Introduction: Oreo Purse With Duct Tape (Upcycle)

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I made this purse for my wife out of her favorite cookie's packaging. It is essentially a duct tape purse but the plastic wrapper makes for a better looking bag. My inspiration comes from a company that i really like www.TERRACYCLE.net  They make some of the coolest things out of what we normally throw away. You could use this ible with just about any wrapper. If you do post a pic in the comments. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

4x packages of cookies. At the least.
1x roll of duct tape (your choice of color. I picked the closest to the Oreo blue)
1x Donor purse (optional)  or...
4x Neodymium magnets (optional)
4x (or more) eyelets 
4x (or more) rings. I used the D shaped rings
1x strap. you can use the donor purse strap or make your own from duct tape.
Several sheets of board or poster board or thin cardboard.

measuring tape or ruler
Eyelet tool and hammer
Stapler with staples
Pliers for the rings

Step 2: So Many COOKIES! and the Wrappers You Need.

To start this ible you need to open a lot of cookies. You have to open the cookies so that you will have the maximum amount of surface area. Cut along the seams at each end and then along the seam on the bottom. Cut the seams off. You wont need them. Flatten them out so they are sheets. Of course save the cookies.

Step 3: Duct Tape the Packaging.

Plan out the bottom of the purse. You want it to be strong and you want the logo to be showing when you are done so line things up now. To do this on this project the edge will be on the bottom of the purse. This will have to be strengthened to make it last.

Overlap the tape just a little each time. Fold the two seems together so the fold in on itself. (as seen in the video) The tape side being made will not be visible at the end so little mistakes aren't a big deal. Using the stapler to staple the edges together under the fold and then fold over and staple again.

Step 4: Strengthen the Sides and Clasps.

You can use the donor parse for the magnetic clasps or tape the neodymium magnets in place. Make sure they line up either way. Cut the cardboard to just a little smaller then the sheets. Tape them in place leaving room to fold in between. 

The donor purse was going to get trashed anyway.

Step 5: Shaping

The sides are prepared the same way with tape layered on them. The board will need to fold so the purse can close. Instead of just letting the plastic and tape fold anyway it wants. This should help it last longer. I cut the rectangle into 3 triangles and then taped them down so there was space to fold in between them. Layer the tape over the board as you did before.

Step 6: Assembling the Purse

Now that we have the 4 sides to the purse it needs to be put together. It's like building a box out of 5 squares of paper. Staple the edges together so that you have a X. Folding the 4 sides up into a box. Staple the edges together. 2 sides will be very easy the 3rd side  will be a little hard but the last side will be really hard. You will have to warp the purse out of shape to make sure the stapler can get in the right angle to work.

Step 7: The Strap

Cut holes in the 4 corners of the top. I used a pocket cutter but looking back a hole punch may have helped. Make the holes large enough to add the eyelets you have. Once the holes where large enough use the eyelet press and a hammer to pound them in place. Add the rings through the eyelets and then hook the strap to 2 of the corners on each side. Tape the sides and top edges to make it look good.

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