Oreo Rice Krispies #HMS2020

Introduction: Oreo Rice Krispies #HMS2020

Ever want a tasteful treat to bring to a party. I suggest that you make these Oreo Rice Krispies. I decided to do an instructable on Rice Krispies because I wanted to do something that I know other people might like and something that I think that is easy to do.

Some people don't like just plain old Rice Krispies so I thought of some things I can add into the Rice Krispies and I came up with a perfect idea. I decided to use Oreo because a lot of people like oreos. So I really suggest others to do this. In this instructable, this recipe will make up 1 tray of Oreo rice Krispie

Let's start now!!!!


To make this project, you will need:

6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal

10 oz bag of Jet Puffed miniature marshmallows

3 Tbsp. butter

20 Oreo cookies

A blender

A 9x13 tray

Cooking spray

A pan

Large bowl


A measuring cup

A butter knife

Step 1: Rice Krispies

The first thing you have to do is grab your large bowl and your Rice Krispie cereal. Then, you are going to grab your measuring cup and pour 6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal in the large bowl. Make sure that it is exactly 6 cups because you can have more Rice Krispie cereal then Oreo or more Oreo then cereal. Now, lets move on to the Oreos.

Step 2: Oreo Smash

The next step is to grab your 20 Oreos and your blender. When you put the Oreos inside the blender, you could either put all the 20 Oreos in or you can put little by little in. It is really up to how you feel. After you put the Oreos in the blender, then you close the bag. Then you turn on the blender. Keep blending the Oreos until it is just tiny bits of the Oreos left.

Step 3: Mixture

The next step is too grab the Oreos in the blender. Then grab the bowl of Rice Krispies. Next, pour the Oreos into the bowl. After that, grab your big spoon and mix them together. Mix them together until you think it is fully combined. Now lets get ready for the Marshmallows!!

Step 4: Marshmallow Melting

After you mix all the rice krispies and oreos together, grab your butter, cooking spray, spatula, and pan. Spray your pot with the cooking spray. Put the pot on the stove then turn it on to medium heat. Then grab your butter and put it on the pot. Mix with the spatula while the marshmallows are still melting. After it is done melting then add the marshmallows. You could put one cup at a time or put all of them in at once. It is totally up to you.

Step 5: Formation

When the marshmallows are done melting, add the mixture of the rice krispie and oreos into the melted marshmallows. Mix it with the spatula. Keep mixing until it is fully combined. When you are done mixing it, I suggest that you put all together in the middle into like a circle because it will really help you get it off the pan when you put it into the tray.

Step 6: Finishing It Off

When your done with mixing the marshmallows and the Rice Krispies and Oreos, grab your 9x13 pan and your cooking spray. Then spray the pan. First, wash it to make sure it is clean. Then put the Oreo rice Krispies in the pan. Push it down with the spatula to make it flat, but don't make it to flat to the point where it is like a piece of paper. After that, let it cool for like 30-60 minutes. After it is done, cut it into how many squares you want. Now, it is ready to eat. Share it with your family and friends.

Step 7: Conclusion

In conclusion, the recipe came out how it was supposed to look and taste like. The next time I make this, I want to use some different ingredients. Maybe use different cereals like fruity pebbles or cocoa krispies so it can have all different types of flavors other then just plain rice krispies. Instead of different types of cereals, maybe different types of oreos. Something I learned from this project was that you can use many things to make rice krispies. I really suggest that you make this.

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