Introduction: Organising Clips for Work

This a simple diy craft for teachers to help organise their work: Nowadays, teachers have to multitask: grading, reviewing and other stuff, and all the papers from different things are easily messed up, this clip helps teachers to organise and find their work efficiently.


- A piece of card paper

- Metal clips

- A cutter

- A marker

- A highlighter (optional)

- Tape (optional)

Step 1: The Memo

First, cut a memo sized piece from the cardboard paper.

Second, cut a slot about the width of the clip on the underside of the paper,

Step 2: The Clip

Insert the metal clip into the slot and use a marker to write down the name of the subject on the paper

*optional* you can tape the edges of the paper to make it more durable, since it is meant to be reused.

Step 3: A Last Tip About Color

*optional* if you have more than one color of highlighter, you can color your paper's rim with it and use a different color for each subject, because people tend to look at colors first.

Otherwise, your clip is ready to go! Clip it on the side of files or worksheets. Hope this will really help teachers out and keep up the good work at school!!!

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