Organising My Card Wallet




Introduction: Organising My Card Wallet

Ah, the cashless society! It's great not having to carry so many coins and notes around any-more.
So not having to carry so many coins and notes with me, I decided I didn't need a traditional wallet as such, and I'm always on the lookout for an interesting alternative.

My first alternative was a small 'antique' tobacco tin, just a little larger than a standard credit card.  It was great, except it kept setting off metal detectors in banks and airports, I tried several other options, which all proved unsatisfactory, until and I found this leather cigarette case in a flea market in Bogotá, Colombia.

The irony of my using a cigarette case is that I've never smoked cigarettes in my life.

Step 1: The Problem...

Now the downside of being in a cashless society is that one has to card so many cards... Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Library Cards, Transport Cards, Key Cards, ID Cards, Loyalty Cards...

Step 2: ...but Wait! There's More! I like to carry around a small USB drive and a mini-multi-tool around with me...

Step 3: Unsightly Bulges.

...which leads to a pretty damn full wallet (or cigarette holder, in this case).

This also leads to the problem of being difficult to find the right card quickly, which can be frustrating at times, especially when there are 30 people behind you in the express queue and you end up scattering your cards all over the supermarket floor...

Step 4: The Solution...

Post-it flags! if you have lots and lots of cards, permanent marker pens ("Vivids", in New Zealand English) will also be useful.

Step 5: Doing It

Strategically place a Post-it flag on each card.

I tried to match the colour of the Post-it flag to the predominant colour of the card, to make it easier for me to find the card I need.

Placement of the Post-it flag will depend on how the card is used and the features of the card. I've avoided covering any magnetic strips, bar-codes, signatures, reference numbers etc, and also tried to remember which way in the cards goes on the ATM.

Step 6: A Little Extra...

My little packet of Post-it flags only had four colours, and I have more than four cards (hence this instructable).

I could've gone out and bought more colours or designs, but instead I opted to draw symbols on the coloured tab with a permanent marker.

Step 7: The Result:

I'm now able to quickly identify the card I need, and remove it using the Post-it flag.

So there you go, a simple, cheap (if you 'obtain' the Post-it flags from work!) and effective!

And there we go, my first Instructable finished!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    NEAT!!!! very interesting. Very Very Cool. i guess you can make this reusing a Cigerette packet.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I've actually taken to removing the Post-it when paying for things, then re-attaching it when i get the card back, as I'd received too many "you've got a bit of tape stuck to your card" comments from 'helpful' shop assistants, who would remove the Post-it and throw it away!