Introduction: Organizational Cutout on Laser Cutter

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This year I have started a brand new woodshop program at my school. With the help of my students, we have been building the space to fit our needs. We have been trying to reduce the "Where are the ____?" questions. This is one step in that process. Less of this makes for a happy teacher leading to happy students.

Step 1: Designing in Fusion 360

Here is a video walkthrough of how I made the shape to be cut out.

  • Take image (ruler included)
  • Import image and scale
  • Outline shape
  • Save as .dxf
  • Import to inkscape
  • Do final arrangements of how you would like to cut it. This could have been done in F360.
  • Save as .svg

Step 2: Laser Cutting

I cut multiple layers to give the thickness I wanted. We have a Glowforge laser that we used to cut them out. The plywood used was a cheap 3/16" piece from the local hardware store. The holes in the corners are partly there to help align these layers as you stack and glue them. They will also help in mounting this on the wall.

Step 3: Mounting

I have done some of these before for other tools to be mounted on the wall and angle was put on them to stop the tool from falling out. These can be seen in the images here. These were cut on the scroll saws by my students.

We are trying these without the angled mounting at first to see how things go. We might change this later.

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