Introduction: Organize USB Devices With Laptop Utility Skin

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Laptop utility skin organizes lightweight USB devices conveniently using velcro.

As one of the mobile generation, I wanted to solve issues with location and space for USB devices.

Professional and student journalism, photography, video and other media projects that require using multiple USB devices can benefit from this laptop utility skin.

If you need to publish to the web while mobile, try adding a USB wireless data card.
Become a one-person mobile media.

Step 1: Materials

a. Adhesive squares (find at any craft store)
b. Velcro strips or squares (find at any fabric shop)
c. A square of indoor/outdoor carpet (find at any flooring store)

Step 2: Cut Piece From the Carpet and Adhere the Double-sided Adhesive Squares.

a. Measure laptop.
b. Cut a piece of the carpet to the measurements. (most versions of indoor / outdoor carpet is also used for the loop side or soft side of velcro when cut down)
c. Adhere the double-sided adhesive squares on the carpet back side.
d. Adhere the carpet piece to the laptop.

Step 3: Adhere Velcro on the Bottom of Devices

a. Use the peel-n-stick velcro squares or cut a peel-n-stick strip to length. (Only the hook side or the rough side of velcro)
b. Adhere the velcro to the bottom of any lightweight USB devices.

Step 4: Keep USB Devices Organized With a Convenient Laptop Utility Skin.

Place devices on laptop to easily organize and conveniently store USB devices.

Step 5: New and Improved Laptop Utility Skin Organizes Lightweight USB Devices.

New and improved laptop utility skin.