Organize Your Home Office and Supplies

Introduction: Organize Your Home Office and Supplies

Transform a traditional piece of furniture into a multitasking office, supply closet, etc. I received this wardrobe for free! It has storage, and is a stylish piece that no one would believe was going to be donated.

Step 1: Build Your Shelves

Depending upon your piece you may want to built shelves.

Inside the wardrobe I will built four shelves.

Step 2: Contain Your Stuff

Re-purpose is the key here! I gathered containers I had around the house. What do you have that will work for your 'stuff' and 'junk'?

A large boxy container holds office supplies (rulers, 3 hole punch, stapler, paperclips, binder clips, tacks, etc.).

Another large boxy container holds assorted cards, I placed an index card in between sections to indicate 'Birthday', 'Anniversary', 'Sympathy', etc.

A smaller container holds sharpie markers. A magazine type container holds colored paper.

Be creative as you get your stuff organized!

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