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This organizer is super easy to make from recycled holders or you can make your own covers.  The interior is all "zippered" plastic food storage baggies.

The super cheap option is to buy a zippered bag at a second hand shop, sew in the "zip top" food storage bags (12 or so) and voila!  Your own organizer bag (portable) for everything from RC race car parts to traveling crafting or sewing project bags.  I even made one for a four year old, complete with Cheerios in one of the pouches.

The more custom method involves making your own covers and that can be a lot of fun too.

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this simple yet useful storage solution. I think it is perfect to organize little knick-knacks found lying anywhere around the house. I need to clear space in the store room and while at it, this idea would be perfect to help keep the tiny bits neat and tidy for usage later.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Don't just make these for those doing crafts. This would be a great way to organize wires, screws and other small parts that the less "crafty" use as well. For those doing electronics, especially, keeping track of lightweight but vital and often expensive components is a major hassle. A lot guys (mostly) would welcome such an organizer.

    Just don't make the holder pink.

    I have for years used the transparent, reusable bags as a primary organizing/protection tool for all kinds of parts, components and tools. Having a means of organizing the bags themselves would be invaluable.

    Now if I could only sew so much as a single stitch!

    Why is it that I can use almost any other kind of tool to manipulate almost every other kind of material EXCEPT fabric? Something of an oversight in my skill set considering how much we are surrounded by fabric objects.

    Well, off to acquire a new skill.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You are so right and I've been able to find lots of the sipper bags in black heavy duty nylon too - great for guys! Hey, check out a channel named sewingmachineheaven on YouTube - he's a tinkerer with all kinds of sewing machines and he has great tips on using them :)