Organizer Dash Charging Stand

Introduction: Organizer Dash Charging Stand

I hate having my EDC and my electronics just laying around so I this organizer dash charging station.

Step 1: Things You Need

You need these items.

1. Wooden cutting board x2
2. Hinge x1
3. Spray paint x1
4. Gorilla glue x1
5. An organizer that fits your needs x1
6. Screws that you need for your hinge
7. A drill

Step 2: The Cutting Boards and the Hinge

Take your cutting boards and your hinge and make it open like a book. (If you need to spray paint hinge like I did do the hinge and your organizer at same time so they can dry.)

Okay now put it together like a book would open.

Step 3: Your Organizer

Glue it where you want it.(Let dry)

Step 4: Drill Holes

I didn't need holes drilled because organizer already had them where to bring charging cables thru

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