Introduction: Organizer Rack

So, my wife asked me to make something she saw on Pinterest. As with a lot of things I seem to come across on Pinterest, there was a picture, and no instructions. It seemed straightforward, so I figured I could knock it out.

Here is what I used....

1. 2' x 2' piece of wood (I used a piece that came cut already from Lowes)

2. Hole Saw or something to drill a large circular hole

3. Router and an edge rounding bit (if you want a rounded edge)

4. 4 Caster Wheels (screws to attach them)

5. PVC (I used 3/4")

-3x 5' pieces

-2x 90 degree elbows

-2x Slip End to Male Threaded

-2x Slip End to Female Threaded

6. Sandpaper (an electric sander helps)

7. Dremel (or some other similar tool with sanding bit)

8. Paint (I used a primer/blue for the base/silver for PVC/clear coat on both)

Step 1: Drill Some Holes

You could really use whatever size wood you want, but for me, with 2' x 2' I just used a spare piece of 3/4" PVC and figured out I wanted it to be 2" in from the edge, then found the center from there.

I used a scrap piece of wood and tested two hole saw bits, finding a slightly bigger one worked better. It was going to still be a bit smaller than the PVC connector I was going to put into it, but I used my Dremel with a sanding bit to clean it up.

Step 2: Round the Edges

I did not want to have the hard edges, so I used my router with a round over bit on them.

The wood I picked up, was actually a plywood with a laminate top piece, so when I used the router, it left a bit of a lip. After a bit of sanding I was able to smooth it out.

Step 3: Attach the Wheels

At this point, I wanted to attach the wheels before I started painting, since I wasn't going to paint the bottom.

I measured out where I wanted the wheels to be in the corners, marked the holes, pre-drilled, and put in the screws.

Step 4: Paint, Paint, and More Paint

So, I may have forgot to take more pictures of the PVC process, but it was pretty straightforward.

First, I did two coats of white primer. Then, two coats of the blue I chose for the final color. I did a couple of coats of clear to finish it off.

I then fit the two PVC connectors, Slip to Female Threaded, with the threaded portion pointing up. I did a test fit of all of the pieces together, then used some epoxy to secure the two connectors into the board. I realized I should have painted the connectors before putting them into the board. Once secured, I taped off the board and around the connectors.

From here, I put all of the PVC together, and did a couple coats of silver. I followed this up with a couple coats of clear to seal it.

A couple of notes. If I did this again I might use piping instead of PVC, which would be much sturdier. The organizer itself is from Ikea.

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