Introduction: Organizing Loom Bands

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When I first started rainbow loom I was so disorganized and my bands were everywhere. I kept my rubber bands in one bin which I realize wasn't a good idea. I decided to buy a band organizer that came to only $5 which I thought was an affordable price. These organizers come in various sizes depending on the number of bands you have. What I recommend is to never buy your rubber bands that come in one package. Always buy your bands in packages with separate colors. It makes it a lot easier to organize your bands by color.

Step 1: Buying You Bands and Organizer

The first step is to buy your bands. Like I said in the intro it is best to buy them separately in different colored packages. It makes it a lot easier to organize your bands by color. I bought y bands on Amazon. They come separately packaged like you see in the picture. Once you buy your bands, it time to set up your organizer! (Step two)

Step 2: Set Up Your Organizer

Now it's time to start organizing your bands. I like to set them a color at a time in rainbow order. Grab some bands and insert them in the square. Keep each color separate. (See pictures) So I started with red. Then orange. Then yellow, green, and so on. If you happen to have leftover bands in your packages then save those for later on i case you run out of bands.

Step 3: Organized and Ready

You've just organized your bands in a neat and colorful way. I hope these tips helped and you learned where to buy your bands and the types of organizers. I hope yours turns out similar the way I organized mine! Hope this helped! Also check out my charm collections and other tutorials on my profile! If you want me to do any specific tutorials on charms with my new organized bands then please request it on the comment legend!