Introduction: Organizing Router Bits and Driver Bits, Etc.

Drilling multiple holes in a board is an easy way to organize things like router bits, screwdriver bits, sockets and other things that can collect and roll around in your tool box drawers, sometimes unprotected and banging into each other.

Step 1: Put Together All Your Loose Pieces.

This is an assortment of the loose pieces that need to be corralled into one place,  for convenience. A project for the very near future.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

If you have a drill press, it is quite easy to drill evenly spaced holes in a straight line, without the use of fancy equipment. All you really need is a shop made fence and a couple of clamps. Refer to the drawing above:

(1) With a pointer (center punch, nail, etc.) in your drill press chuck, position the pointer over hole location " A-1" to be drilled in the block, and clamp the block down temporarily.
(2) Position the fence so the two marks at " D-1" line up and clamp the fence firmly. ( In reality, the block rests against the fence with no space as shown in the drawing).
(3) Unclamp the block and you are ready to drill all the holes in row " A". Position each cross line as shown in "D-1" and drill. If you match the lines carefully, all the holes will be spaced evenly and held in a straight line by the fence.
(4) When all the row " A" holes are drilled, move on to row " B" and move the fence so you can position hole location "B-1" under the pointer, the same as was done in step (1). Then drill all the holes in row "B".

If you chamfer the bottom edge of the fence, the block will slide along without trapping any drill dust between the fence and block. Use a brad point or Forstner bits to drill clean holes in your wooden or plastic blocks.