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Introduction: Organizing With Tetra Paks

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So... more alcocrafting today. Tetra paks... There's no place in my town where you can donate these precious containers for recycling (as far as I know), so the only way I have is (as always) to be inventive. They partially made from polyetheline, layer of which coveres both: the inside and outside surface, thus making the package more durable and resistant to rhe moisture. They retain their shape better than plain cardboard, which makes them pretty good for storage purposes.

This is pretty simple idea but it allows you to make some use from used tetra paks by converting them into convenient organizers for your stuff.

Step 1:

What you'll need is a bunch of emty tetra pak containers and suitable cardboard box. Try to fit as many tetra paks as posible inside the box. It's kind of a puzzle sometimes, and may want to combine different types/sizes of tetra pak containers to fill all the free space. As you can see I was bad at this puzzle, so I used paper towel rolls to fill the ramaining free space.

Step 2:

When the fitting is done, mark the sides of containers according to your preferable organizer configuration. Then make a mark at opposide side. Then replace containers and make a mark on the fresh ones. Proceed until you'll mark all of them.

Step 3:

Cut containers according to your markings. Drain liquid remains (bacause they're always there) somewhere)

Also... some waste management. Packing cut-offs neatly to reduce the garbage bag volume (or, maybe because OCD), and the HDPE caps... I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

Step 4:

Wash the interior of the tetra pacs...

Step 5:

...and let them dry, while making random photos because it's nice ans Spring otside.

Step 6:

Pack containers into the box when they're dry and you're done. I'm using organizers like this for all kinds of stuff, so I bet you'll find a usage for them as well.

Thank you for your attention and drink juice that is not fermented... sometimes.

Step 7:

...and this is an option to.

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