Introduction: Origami Aliens

The following instructions will teach you how to make two different Origami aliens.


To make these fun origami aliens, you will need green paper, a pen, marker, or pencil, a ruler, and a pair of scissors

Step 1: Measurements

Using the ruler and the pen, you will need to measure out a square. The square in this example is five inches by five inches, but you can make the square as small or as large as you would like. Use the pen to mark your measurements.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Square

Using the scissors, cut along the lines that were measured with the ruler.

Step 3: Folding

Set your square at an angle as shown so that it looks like a diamond in front of you. Fold the square in half so that you have a large triangle pointing to the left

Step 4: Opening

Open the folded paper so that you once again have a diamond in front of you.

Step 5: More Folding

Take the right point of the diamond and fold it inward, so that the right point is touching the center line. Do the same with the left side, folding the left point of the diamond into the line of the center fold, and so that is is aligned with the right point. Turn the diamond upside down so that the top is now at the bottom, and pointing toward you.

Step 6: Making a Boat

Fold the point at the bottom of the shape, the one pointing toward you, up toward the top so that it meets the folded points. You should now have a large triangle. Take the bottom of the triangle and fold it so that it is about halfway up the triangle. You should still be able to see the top of the triangle, and it will look like a small sail boat.

Step 7: Starting the Antenna

Fold the small triangle, or the "sail" of the sailboat downward. Fold the triangle back up, leaving a small space between the bottom of the triangle and the body of the "boat".

Step 8: Creating the Antenna

Fold the corners of the small triangle or "sail" inward, getting them as close to the center as you can.

Step 9: Making the Ears

Fold the top of the antenna down, so that is no longer a point. Once you have the antenna folded down, you will fold the bottom of the trapezoid or "boat" inward, making small triangles as pictured. The triangles will line up with the folded "face" when you turn the shape over in the following step.

Step 10: Turn the Alien Over

Turn the piece of paper over, and grab your pen, marker, or pencil!

Step 11: Drawing Your Alien

Using your pen, marker, or pencil, draw two straight lines that go in the middle of the triangle ears. The lines should take up about 3/4 of the ear, and not touch the point of the ear. Add a smile, or whatever mouth you like. Draw three circles above the smile, these will be the eyes. Give your alien some pupils, and presto! You have a little green man, who will be eternally grateful that you created him. You can stop here, or you can start again, following steps 1 through 6 and continuing on starting on step twelve to create a different kind of alien.

Step 12: Creating the Head

To create this small green alien from a galaxy far, far, away you will need to follow steps 1 through 6, and then meet me back here. After you complete step 6, you will fold the top of the triangle downward, so that it is pointing toward you. Then, take the bottom corners of the trapezoid, or "boat" and create small triangles as pictured. Turn the paper over, and you will have the head.

Step 13: Drawing the Face

Grab your pen, pencil, or marker, and draw two leaf shapes in the triangle ears as shown. Add a smile, or whatever mouth you prefer. Draw two large circles above the smile. Add some pupils and some wrinkles.

Step 14: Finishing the Face

Give the face a half-moon shaped nose just below the eyes. Add some eyebrows. Color in the eyes, adding a small circle in the upper right corner of both eyes that you will not color in so that it looks like the light is reflecting from the eyes.

Step 15: That's It!

Congrats, you made it to the end! Enjoy!