Introduction: Origami Angel Fish


Time number three comes my origami Angel fish. This time I used flash in a brightly lit room, and I believe that improved the picture quality somewhat. I promise this one will be easier to understand if you had trouble with my last two projects.

I learned this one from my girlfriend. I always find its build the most entertaining of origami models.

Step 1: Building the Base

Start with a flat piece of paper, colored side up. Make a preliminary base if you know origami well. If you are newer, I'll walk you through the steps here.

Fold both of the long sides of the paper in half, and fold the corners to the other as shown in the picture. Then fold the paper in half lengthwise and fold over a top corner to the center crease. Flip it over and fold the remaining top corner to the center.

Step 2: The Preliminary Base

Stick your finger in the pocket made by the folds and squish each corner to the other. You should get a diamond -- or the preliminary base.

Step 3: Build of a Bird. . .

Make the bird base -- the steps are simple. Fold the open edges of the preliminary base to the center (Leave the ones behind the base alone for now) and fold the top down as far as it will go. Unfold it and lift the bottom corner far away from the rest of the thing, then lay it flat. The pictures should help. After this, repeat it on the other side.

Step 4: Tail Fins

Fold the top flaps of the bird base over in half on each side. Fold the lower flaps diagonally both ways and pinch them together. put a crease in the middle of the leg it makes and set it to the right. This is called a "Rabbit ear" fold.

Step 5: Head of an Angel

Take one of the forks on the top and push it out. Fold its top sides (The ones connected to the rest of the piece) into the center crease, and repeat with the other fork.

Step 6: The Angel Fish

And there you have it -- the angel fish in its full glory. Enjoy, and remember, you are never too old for making sound effects!

If you have any questions (Which I have no doubt you do), please comment below.