Introduction: Origami Beholder Tutorial - OrigaMinis With Plus4Charisma Ep. 1

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Learn how to fold an origami beholder in this first episode of OrigaMinis with Plus4Charisma! I started a new series, and thought I would share it here. In OrigaMinis with Plus4Charisma I teach you how to fold origami DnD and other RPG minis! I hope you enjoy my first tutorial.

Step 1: The Stuff You Will Need -

  • One square sheet of paper.
  • A Scissors (there are a couple cuts at the end).

Note: Steps one to 5 are Making a "frog base".

Step 2: Precreases -

  • Fold and crease from corner to corner across the paper. Unfold it and do the same with the other corners.Unfold it again.
  • Flip over the Paper and fold it down the middle to make a rectangle. Unfold it, and do the same for the other side. Unfold this as well.

Step 3: Make a Smaller Square.

You should now have two creases running down the middle of your paper, crossing each other, then two creases facing the other direction running from each of the corners, and crossing each other. All the lines should intersect in the middle.

  1. With the creases in the middle of the page pointing upwards, bend the paper in the middle and let it form into a diamond shape. You should now have four different flaps of paper.

Step 4: Pull Opened the Flaps, Then Push Them Down

  1. Take one of the flaps and find the opening at the bottom. Pull it opened.
  2. Flatten it and crease it, making sure the flaps line up together.
  3. Repeat this step for the other three flaps.

Step 5: Pull Up the Middle Flaps

  1. Find the sides where the paper ends in a straight line toward the bottom on the paper. Pull it up into a point and push it down.
  2. Repeat this for all the sides like this.

Step 6: Face Area

  1. Find one of the plain sides, then fold the top flap down, but leave a small amount of paper before the crease. This will be the face.
  2. Fold the two flaps on either side together to get them out of the way.

Step 7: Making the Beginnings of the Eye Stalks

  1. Pull the other three top flaps (eyestalks) down and in on themselves.

Step 8: Make the Face Itself.

  1. Find the two flaps you set aside for the face, and open them.
  2. Pull down the extra bit of paper on top, then fold both sides under with your thumbs to create a round shape.
  3. Shape the upper portion of the mouth by creasing the paper out just under the eyes, then folding it back down again.
  4. Shape the tongue with the remaining triangular section.

Step 9: Shaping the Beholder and Defining the Eyestalks

  1. Blow into the hole at the top.
  2. Cut the bottom of the eye stalks in front, then down the middle for the ones in the back.
  3. Make the mouth for the beholder by placing your thumb in and creating a crease just below where the tongue is.
  4. Play around with both the eyestalks and the beholder until it has the general shape and look you want.

Step 10: Finished!

Here is the end result. I hope it wasn't too hard to follow. I think watching the video would really help explain anything that wasn't clear. Enjoy!