Introduction: Origami Box With Flaps

Yes, this is another origami box...but this one has flaps! Or, if you prefer, wings. This is my first Instructable so feedback is nice. :)

Step 1: Make a Square

This step shows you how to make a square from a sheet of printer paper. If you already know how to do this, skip this step.

[Pic 1] Start with a regular sheet of paper. It doesn't matter how big it is, as long as it has right angles.
[Pic 2] Fold any angle up and across to make a triangle. match up the edges and crease. (The pencil shows the edge of the was hard to see in the lighting)
[Pic 3] Flip the whole thing over and fold the rectangle that's not included in the triangle back like shown.
[Pic 4] Now cut the fold you just made off. You can also rip it off if you know how to rip in a straight line like i did. You should end up with picture 4.
[Pic 5] You don't need the small rectangle, throw it away, keep it as a bookmark, or doodle on it.

Step 2: Square Base

Now to form the square base. Again, if you've folded origami before you probably have done this before. Move along.

[Pic 1] Fold your square back into the triangle from the crease that is already there.
[Pic 2] Now fold this triangle in half into a smaller triangle.
[Pic 3] Take the first layer and kind of pop it out like so...
[Pic 4] Bring down the corner to the bottom, like in the picture
[Pic 5] and crease!
[Pic 6-9] Repeat on the back.

Step 3: Where the Real Fun Begins!

First, make sure the opening is on top. I tried to show this in picture 1, but it was hard to show the top with one hand holding the just tilt your head to the right and it'll be fine.
[Pic 2] Take the right and left corners and fold them in to meet each other.
[Pic 3] Then take the top corner and fold it down.
[Pic 4] Repeat on the back and you should end up with picture 4.

Step 4: The Next Step

Alright, next step! Hopefully I've been pretty clear so far.
[Pic 1] Take the right corner and pop it out like in the picture, then crease. The original crease line should line up with the fold.
[Pic 2] Repeat on left side and then the back.
[Pic 3-4] Lift up the right side like in the picture 3, then fold what you just made back like in picture 4.
[Pic 5] This is what you should end up with after repeating on the left side.
[Pic 6] Repeat on the back.

Step 5: Almost There...

Flip your paper so that the part where you just folded back the triangle-thing is open on both sides, like in Picture 1.
[Pic 2] Fold the top corner down as shown.
[Pic 3] Repeat on the back.
[Pic 4] now fold the top down like shown into a rectangle. If this doesn't make sense just click back and forth from picture 3 to picture 4.
[Pic 5] Repeat on the back.
[Pic 6] Now go back to the flaps that you were working on originally like in the picture.
[Pic 7] Again, fold down the top into a rectangle.
[Pic 8] Repeat on the back.

Step 6: Finishing

[Pic 1] Hold your box so it looks like this from the top.
[Pic 2] Open it like so.
[Pic 3] Expand more and crease the bottoms
[Pic 4] Congratulations! You've finished your origami box!
[Pic 5] Now use it to hold office supplies, snacks, smaller origami boxes, or Bob from the first step.

Hope you enjoyed making your box! You can also doodle all over it :)