Introduction: Origami Claws

When we were young, we would make paper creations in church when talks were boring. One of our favorite creations was the Paper Claw. This is an amazing and fun project because you can make one for every finger and have claws like a monster or a superhero. They can also be a cool part of a costume that you can make yourself!

What you’ll need: A sheet of binder paper (or any color paper for customization)

Step 1: Place the Paper Longways Up and Down in Front of You. It Should Look Like This:

If the paper has holes to go in a binder, make sure the holes are on the left side.

Step 2: Take the Top Right Corner of the Paper and Fold It Diagonally Across the Page So the Edges Line Up, As Shown.

Note: the upper left hand part of the paper should look like a point.

Step 3: Take the Top Left Corner and Fold It Directly Down to the Bottom Left Corner.

Step 4: Fold the Right Side Into the Center So the Diagonals Line Up, As Shown.

You should now have a square.

Step 5: Take the Bottom Right Corner and Fold It Diagonally Across to the Upper Left Corner.

You should now have a triangle.

Step 6: Take the Upper Right Corner and Fold It So That the Top Edge Makes a Line Down the Center of the Triangle, Like This:

Step 7: Fold the Bottom Corner Up Across the Middle Line.

Step 8: Turn the Paper Over. It Should Look Like This:

Step 9: Tuck the Loose Corner Into the Pocket in the Claw.

Step 10: The Upper Triangle Has Two Pieces of Paper Stacked on Top of Each Other. Insert Your Finger in Between the Pieces of Paper to Use.

Step 11: Congratulations! You Have Finished Your Paper Claw! Your Finished Claw Should Look Like This:


Note: If the last folded tab does not stay in the pocket (maybe because of loose folding) you can secure the fold with a piece of scotch tape.

Note: If the point is not sharp enough, go back to steps 6 and do your best to make the top point of the triangle as tight as possible. When repeating step 7 afterwards, make sure to fold/wrap the paper tightly as instructed.

Note: If your parents don’t like that the claws are sharp and pointed, then make step 6 and 7 more loose and messy.